Saturday, May 21, 2011


 I was just setting here pouting a little and letting myself get depressed and sad that all our family lives so far away. We have had lots of visitors since Elijah has been born and blessed that our family got to come visit, but when they leave it is a hard. It’s bitter sweet. They are such a strong support system to us. Yes it would be awesome if there were less miles between us; and we could go visit and have family dinners; and what would really be awesome is to have a ready and more than willing babysitter anytime=), but then I am reminded that the Lord is the one that has called us to where we are and that we are a part of the family and body of Christ here in El Dorado. And there is nothing like being within the Perfect Will of our King Jesus. So when I am sad or lonesome for our family I give it to Him and sweet Peace like a river flows within!
   I just wanted to take a lil moment to say, “thank you Lord for all you have done to us, for us, and in us. It’s not always easy or pretty but, oh Lord, we love you and we know that in our weaknesses You are our strength! So we will be tried with fire and not found wanting because You the maker of all and deliverer from ourselves has placed your ever loving hand on our lives. We will trust in you, our King!”

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  1. You are so right, Becky! Field work is hard and the sacrifice great, but when the harvest comes in, OH what a celebration! I totally understand your feelings, the ups and the downs. Just today I was told of the passing of a dear sweet lady who gave me lots of encouragement and smiles when I was a teenager. I would love to go to her funeral and rejoice with her family that the Lord has called her home to be free of pain and suffering. I cried when I got the word and I'm still sad. There are so many things that I am missing, that my kids don't know and understand about families, especially our youngest. However, I keep reminding myself that I wouldn't want to be anywhere except where the Father has told me be. I'm so thankful for friends like you who are open with their hearts and willing with their lives. You help me to be stronger. God bless you, Becky! You are a one of kind and I'm so glad to call you a friend.
    Love ya,