Sunday, May 29, 2011

3 little blessings...then some!

 So… it’s been a while. I have been a little busy and preoccupied with my 3 young charges. We’re getting used to being a family of five and Daddy is sure taking advantage of having another man in the house. He tells Eli all the time about how they are going to have to stick up for each other with the crazy women in our house! But that’s ok, we love our men and they do put up with a lot from us hormonal females.
  I really don’t have anything super inspiring to say today but just that-even though I am beyond exhausted and recovery seems a little slower with chasing the two girls while recovering from having the little man, I am beyond blessed. Blessed to have a Savior and be child of the King; blessed to have a beautiful healthy family; blessed to have such an awesome support system in both sides of our family; and blessed to be the a body of Christ that I know has prayed and cooked meals and just been awesome with the coming of our new addition. Just blessed! So in the wee hours of the night feeding Eli, or when the girls decide to make a “mountain” in their floor with all the clothes in their dresser, or when our bathroom floor becomes a lake from bath time, or any of the countless exciting and tiring things that happen when you have babies; I just take a moment and say thank you Lord for my little blessings and thank you for being Lord of my life. I love you my blessed Savior, my Keeper, my Redeemer and Friend!

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