Saturday, May 7, 2011

Abigails birthday.

Abby is 2!!!

  Ok, so I know I said in another post that Eli would be born between Abigail’s birthday and Emma’s, well turns out I lied! I know, I know I am a retched, retched sinner of a person... But apparently I make a pretty good oven because this kid just doesn’t want to leave it! So, I like to say, I am still LARGE and apparently not so much in charge.
  But our sweet Bab’s birthday did come and we enjoyed a simple day since we already had her party, but she did get to choose where we ate at! Her choice was of course “donalds” (aka McDonalds), which is quite funny being that she doesn’t really play on the playplace. She just sets and enjoys the chaos, which of course McDonald’s playplace always delivers. We did have some excitement while we were there though. Emma is just now getting to where she climbs up into the playplace but sometimes, just sometimes, she gets a little overwhelmed and can’t get down. This turns into a dramatic panic cry and guess who gets to climb up and rescue her?! That’s right Mommy or Daddy! I of course wasn’t even going to offer in my 30 month pregnant state so Daddy was the chosen one. (Just want to throw in there that I climbed up to rescue Emma once when I was 5 months pregnant!) Anyways, so Daddy gets the honors for the very first time. Just want to give all you daddies a shout out, you Rock! On Ryan’s way up some kid who was trying to cram past my 6ft husband in the small kid size tunnel quite possibly got kicked in the face=] (by accident of course) They were fine, thank goodness. But when Ryan made it to the top some 9 or 10 year old proceeds to lecture him because he had his shoes on! It really was quite a show! Ryan and Emma both made it down and Daddy swears he will not climb that again… But we all know he will if one of his ladies needs rescuing!
  All in all we had a great day! Abigail is telling everyone she is 3 like sissy when she is in fact 2. Lol. We love her though; our family would not be the same without out sweet spirited sensitive Abigail! Xoxoxo-my love! Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of being a mother. And also if you wouldn’t mind speeding up the arrival of numero tres I would appreciate it. Only if it is within your will, of course. Many blessings! Time to go walking!

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