Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Ok so, I know that I promised to get a new post up with our summer activities pictures and a sweet dialogue of it awesomeness….

But….the dog ate my post or
 My cat ate it or
   Emma flushed it down the toilet or
     It got swept away by a tornado after a lawn mower ran it over and tore it to shreds…..
       Or maybe I have just been tooooo busy!!! 

All of these things are plausible and some of them highly probable besides the fact that we don’t have a kitty=( Soon soon though, daddy WILL allow an outside kitty! He promised!

Well, since we are moving in just a few short days and I highly doubt I will get it done or I mean re-done=*), here are a few pics to tie us over…k thanks!

We are all still in love with this guy.

and this guy...

Love this one with tiny Eli.=)
(thanks Aunt Sarah for capturing this memory!)

and this face melts my heart...

even when it looks like this face

and lets not forget about these faces

We are staying smooth as babies bottoms and smelling better too after our baths which are highly necessary after this

Emma deciding to take over Leila's bed for the night....=/
(she is dead asleep here=)

Abigail's snuggle time with Leila!

Ok so that is a little bit of whats been going on. Sorry my facebookers for all the repeats of pictures, i am just too lazy to upload some new pics or maybe my dog ate them all or my cat or... well, you get the drift. Muah!!

Wait!! I almost forgot that this guy......

now looks like this guy!!=)
Also I have to say because it's my blog and I am quite partial to him that he is just the sweetest cutest thing i've ever seen! Yes. That is all. XOXOX
Happy trails to you until we meet again!!

P.S.-Next post will be from our new house!!=)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

You say potato, I say potata!

Ok, I know, It is cheesy. But I think that they are just the cutest!! Enjoy!
This is the newest Disney Junior show.=)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Summer days, Summer blues and Summer praise!

 I find myself being a little busy these days with my three young charges in tow wherever I go. That rhymes and was not even intentional.=) Ok, no, really we have had an amazingly hot but blessed summer, seems like we were traveling every other weekend and just keeping busy. I did go through a little bit of post pardon type thing. We had tons of family up after Elijah was born and I would get sad when they left. I missed my family so much but I would just reclaim God’s goodness and I know we are here for a reason! Though it is hard sometimes I wouldn’t change it for the world. He has proven Himself to us time after time and, oh man, He is good. He is good now, yesterday and tomorrow and forever! We are in such an exciting season and I can see the Lord moving and can feel him working in my heart and life. I love the weeding out that He is doing, it’s painful at times but I pray and desire for there to be less of me and more of Him!
  The kids are growing like weeds! Emma and Abigail are the same size and Elijah is much bigger than the girls were at the same age. Daddy is very proud. Elijah is just the sweetest thing ever! He is such a good baby and his temperament is amazing and we are all in love with him. Emma and Abby are amazing with him. They are also great entertainers and Binky hunters. I love my sweet little family. It is most definitely harder going places and dates are few and far between but we wouldn’t change a thing. We are blessed!
  Oh and did I mention that we bought a house! Long story short, we prayed about it and felt like the Lord was telling us that we were going to be in El dorado for while longer and that we had His blessing to go ahead and buy a house here in Kansas. We found a house that we liked. It was a “short” sale (like a last chance for owners to sale before it’s defaulted on) and we prayed and felt like the Lord gave us His blessing and we put a bid on it. We missed the deadline and the house went into foreclosure. We were a little bummed but trusted our maker and just waited and watched for the house to come back on the market. Well, it did and for almost 25,000 less than before. Put a new MUCH lower bid in the next day and we got it plus it came with a 2 year home warranty! =) It’s not huge but it was an awesome deal and good investment! Especially because of my handy dandy husband whose got some awesome carpentry skills! But most of all….IT HAS A BACK YARD!! We are super excited about this! My 2 and 3yr old need somewhere to play and my favorite memory and thing to do is to sit on the front porch with my parents and drink a cup of coffee. Yes, we did this even when it was a thousand degrees outside!
=) We should move in by the end of this month. I really need to start packing. =)
  Ok that’s about all I have right now. I’ll throw some pictures up soon to dialog our summer events. It’s been fun and excited season. Knowing that no matter where God takes us or what He shows us that we are blessed and His Kingdom will rein forever. This world and all that’s in it will burn someday but our King and His Kingdom will be forever. Learning and trying to remember this when we get caught up in the good things God gives us. I want to desire God above all things, even the good things that come from Him! May we all learn to do this in our lives, to set our hearts and desire on Him most of all!