Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Beautiful Mommy!!
   Just wanted to get on and give a shout out to my mom!! She truly is a mom/woman that loves God and spends her life in dedication to Him and in turn strives to teach us to follow Christ as well. She is an awesome example of being a Godly wife and mother and I owe so much for who I am today for her obedience to Him and His call on her life to be a wife and mom. I love you, mom. You are my hero. xoxo.

My hubby and his mommy!!
 Also would like to say happy Mother’s Day to my MIL(mother in law). She is an awesome woman and I know that she was and is instrumental in who my husband is today. So, thanks MIL. Your son ROCKS and I know he must have had a rockin mom. xoxo.

My sweet angels and I! (Eli is there too but he preferred to stay in mommies tummy this Mother's day!)
I love, love being a mommy. I remember growing up that when people used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grow up I would tell them that I just wanted to be a wife and stay at home mommy! I know that to the world today this seems like low goals in life and not counted or esteemed in much regard but I would not change it for the world. We are blessed that I am capable to stay home with my babies and I guarantee it is not easy and there are days that I would love to check out and take a break. But it’s on those days that I am learning to call upon the name of the Lord. The Lord has placed in me a strong call to shepherd our children, not just raise them to go to church or be “good.” I want them to be able to see Jesus in their Mommy and Daddy. What greater responsibility could there be! I am not perfect and I know that I fail so much but the Lord is shepherding me as I learn to shepherd our sweet, ornery children! My call is to my family! I want to teach them to grow up to be little blessing carriers. I love you Emma, Abigail, and sweet Elijah!!! You guys make my life chaos but I would never trade it for anything! xoxoxo

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