Saturday, April 30, 2011


     We had Easter here in Kansas, sad not getting to be with family but we still had a great day!! Our girls are not really old enough to understand the true reason for Easter and we still like to do special things so i had them repeat John 3:16 after me before we opened our "baskets".. They were cute. I don't know how to post videos but maybe I'll have the hub figure that one out! Anyways hope everyone had a blessed day! Jesus is the reason for the season, not just on Easter but also every other day of our lives!! I pray and hope to make this evident in our day to day lives and in the shepherding of our children!!

The dyeing of the eggs!!!

 we so excited, we so excited!!!))

finished product after we dropped them on the floor of course!!

Easter "Baskets"

sweet ducky love!!!

sweet bubby love!!
love my girls!!

they love each other dearly!!

Big thanks to grandma and grandpa for the attributed outfits! Mommy and daddy forgot about getting Easter outfits!)


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  1. wondering if anyone picked up on the Rachael Black jab....