Saturday, April 30, 2011

Birthday fun!!!

  Emma and Abigail's birthday are close so we celebrate their birthdays together. They are 12 months and 3 weeks apart, surprise surprise! We love it though. They fight a lot but also are best buds-such a blessing! We wouldn't change it for the world. Elijah is also due sometime within the month between their birthdays=) so we will have all 3 kids birthdays within a months span ...not planned and prevented in some cases but that's ok. God's ways are not our ways but His ways are perfect and we feel super blessed!
 Anyways, we did 2 parties for the girls this year, one in Oklahoma where all our family lives and here in Kansas! Here's some pics...

This party was actually on Emma's birthday so this is the first birthday pic we took for the day....we were at mimis and papas farm and she had already been outside, in case you couldn't tell!) Emma has some sort of magnetic force that attracts dirt to her face... happy birthday sweet girl!

What better way to start a birthday than a pony ride....wait that's not right?!?!?

That's better!

Rides all around! Cousins Tori and Prestyn.

   Princess smiles!

Not so smiley princess..
Sweet Ab's face! Lol!

Blowing out the candles!

Yummo! Cake time!

Either enjoyed the cupcake or has been bitten by a rabid animal!!) We heart Seffers!


 Abigail did smile, I promise!

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