Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dad: a Son’s first Hero and a Daughter’s first Love.

 I hope everyone had a great Father’s day! I wasn’t able to be with my daddy this year, but will see him in just a few weeks. Not everyone has good earthly fathers but everyone can have a Heavenly Father! I am so thankful that even though I have an awesome dad who loves the Lord and taught me what it was to be a faithful servant to God, I have the Maker of life and love and peace as my Heavenly Father. There truly is no life without Him! So here is a shout out to my King Daddy and also all the other Fathers I know that have been Fathers of Faith in my life! I love you all!   

me and my daddy
I love you daddy. You truly were my first love. Thank you for your patience and dedication in teaching me right from wrong. You will always be my daddy and I will always be your little girl. I love you with all my heart!

Ryan and his dad

To my father–in-law- I love you too, especially for giving me your son. He is a wonderful father and husband and we both have a great respect and admiration for you. You are truly the best Father-in-law I ever had!)

Daddy and Elijah
Daddy and Emma

Daddy and Abigail

Now to the father of my three beautiful children, what can I say... You are the glue that holds us together. You are my very best friend and the one true love of my life. I was ordained to be your wife and I will always strive to grow in that with the Lords help. You are the absolute best father and leader for our little family. You not only strive to shepherd our children but you shepherd me as well. I know it sounds so cliché but I truly wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for you. When my father gave me to you on our wedding day you took that responsibility seriously and have “for better or worse” guided us in following Christ and His will. And any day with you is better than my best day without you. You are my hero and my love and I adore you with all my heart! The more I watch you with our children the more I fall in love with you. They think you hung the moon. You are their biggest hero and mine too. Happy Father’s day sweet love of mine!

xoxo-love Em's hair in this pic!

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  1. I am always greatly encouraged by the love I see in your family. It's a very powerful testimony to me of The Lord's amazing love for us all. I pray always that God would let me continue to walk in a supernatural and amazing marriage. I want nothing less. So I take notice when I see it displayed in others. You guys are amazing and the blessing your display is beyond words. -Russ