Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day weekend!!

  I hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend! We are so blessed to live in an amazing country and I know we owe this to God and the men that fight for freedom. It also moves my spirit to remember Christ and His ultimate sacrifice. He gave His sinless life so that we who are worthy of death could be pardoned. So just want to give a shout out to all those who have and are now serving! And mostly want to thank my Jesus for paying the ultimate sacrifice for me.

 We live too far away from everyone in our families so it was just us this weekend. But that’s ok, we had a great time and enjoy our crazy little family. On Saturday we went to Wichita (first time to go since Eli has come. So it was a big adventure for me) We ate at CiCi’s and Ryan took me shoe shopping! (He knows the way to my heart;) Well on Sunday we went to church and then just spent the rest of the day enjoying each other. We absolutely love having daddy at home on the weekends. We miss him terribly while he is at work. =(  on Monday we went to the lake for a picnic and let the girls play on the beach! It was probably the windiest day of the year but that’s ok…the girls had fun and it was fun watching them play in the sand! It was hard to get any good pictures because of the wind but here are a few of our little angels…..

it was hard to get a picture of Emma, she was too busy=)

this is right when Abigail pee'd in the sand! lol!

my little pirates booty!

ok, so this is my fave! who wouldn't love that ketchup face!

love my babies!

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