Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I am a busy lady but i do miss writing on here! It really is just for me, there is something about speaking these thoughts out loud that bring clarity and realness to what God is doing in my life. I love you all and praying for a fresh word from the Lord to whomever reads my jumbled thoughts or not. May our year be more filled than ever with our King's Kingdom Purpose! Peace and blessings, my friends!

 I've been praying about this year and really felt the Lord speak to me that this is a year of discipline(as in consistence in what He has for me in word or deed, to be disciplined in my time and abiding) and also a word of "breaking ground" and "fruitfulness". I was reading this morning and read this quote by Elizabeth Elliot and was really blessed by it and felt confirmed with what the Lord is speaking to me in this new year.

"We 'need Him every hour' if we aim to be consistent in the way we live and walk, we cannot settle for a hit-or-miss nod in God's direction. There is no way to live a Christian life without strong effort, faithful commitment, and spiritual DISCIPLINES."

It goes on to say that the primary obstacle we face is our laziness, preoccupations, worries and lack of concentration(I could def highlight a few these in my life) and that we must rely on the strength of the Lord to overcome these things. But we are responsible to do what we need to do that He will not force us to our knees.

It is my prayer that i would learn to love God more than i love Him now. That i would desire Him because i DESIRE Him and LOVE being with Him and not just because i know that it is good for me and what is right and what i need. To get to a place of Joy and desire for these disciplines, JOY AND SWEET DESIRE as to one's new and fresh, romantic beloved.  

Many blessing, my sweet friends!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Becky. Ms Elliot is absolutely correct, "laziness, preoccupations, worries and lack of concentration"... Same problems today as back then. Just proves again that there is "nothing new under the sun" (King Solomon). Kay S.