Friday, December 30, 2011

It's a new season..

Where in the world have I been!! I have no idea.. ..Something about raising and shepherding the bodies, hearts and minds of 3 children has kept me busy! Elijah is such a good baby but I find that he loves his momma and is seemingly attached at my hip=) I love him so. I truly understand the mother, son bond like never before. I’ll cut all those crazy mom-in-laws out there some slack. Lol XOXOX We have been busy, the girls have my heart as well. They are such good girls and we are starting to see evidence of who they are going to be when they get older in character and giftings. Love the opportunity we have to watch them grow and be able to pray into and mold these strong character traits into something beautiful to be used for the Kingdom!

Ok, well thanksgiving has passed and so has Christmas! What, crazy sauce! It is almost 2012! Our lives have been insane but the revelation of the Lord comes like that sometimes. I never ever want to be comfortable in this world. It will burn someday but the Kingdom of God will live forever and I pray to learn to spend every waking moment going after His Kingdom! Whether I’m wiping butts for the glory of God or washing dishes or discipleing some dear to my heart sister. I want to go after Him, I love Him, I want Him to reign in my heart, soul and life. The Lord has been continually pruning our hearts of cares of this world and we are learning to a give ourselves to Him. It’s been amazing. We 'suck it up' sometimes but we are learning to live for the Kingdom and take His Grace as needed! In Christ name we live! Amen.

There has been a lot stirring in my heart but for now I am gonna just post a few pics and call it good for now.=) These are October-December pictures. Peace and Prayers, my loves!
This is our October/November!

we went to the pumpkin patch

and made silly faces

This face melts my heart..

our little robot

Haunt the Zoo

we are in love with these two guys

Trick or treat down the street with our Robot, Elephant and Monkey=)

This is a little of our December photo shoot

I know they say that everyone thinks their kids are beautiful but come on now... who wouldn't fall in love with these faces.  xoxoxo 

My pouty Princesses

Ok, that is it for now.. I have no pictures of Thanksgiving and Christmas because i was a naughty kid this year and didn't take a bunch of pictures=/... i'm gonna try to scrounge up some but not promising anything.
Happy New Year my friends! xoxo

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