Friday, March 14, 2014

Chores, blessings, and jurisdictions

I woke up early this morning to spend time with Jesus. I mean not really early just had a little bit of time before the kids woke up. But any time that i can get i want to use it devouring Him in this season. I was sitting in my prayers asking the Lord for His Rhema Word for my day and i started thinking about last night as i prayed myself to sleep thinking about all that i have to do and all that i am not getting done and all the things that are required of a mommy of 4, wife, and keeper of home. All these chores. As i was praying this morning the Lord simply spoke to me the simple phrase-

"If you would view all these things as blessings and not chores.." 

Here comes the ugly truth....Sometimes, nay most of the time, life is chore for me-my family is a chore to me, my relationships are a chore to me, my calling is a chore to me, my home is a chore to me, my sweet babies/husband are a chore for me. Ugh....   I mean don't get me wrong i love all these things but more times than not these days these things all pile up on top of each other needing me to be there, show attention to it/them or fix it or walk in it and do it. When did the world of gifts collide with the realm of "stuff" and become just things i had to do? It's when i started to view all these things as chores and not blessings, folks. My family, my babies, my relationships, my home and all that comes with running a home have become "chores". This reminded me of how on '19 kids and counting'(<-new fave!) instead of chores they call it Jurisdictions.                                                                 
The definition of Jurisdiction is:the official power to make legal decisions and judgments.

Isn't that cool that it has the word power in it? I don't know, but this blessed me this morning.  I have had jurisdiction gifted to me by the Lord over a lot of things. My goal is to call these things blessed because i am blessed. I can walk in the demands of my life/calling because i have been given the "official power" to do so!  And I am blessed because of it! 

So maybe today i will get to that closet that needs cleaning or maybe i'll dust(<--hahaha) or get organized and run more productively or maybe just spend more time with my kids not thinking about all i have to get done but focusing on them....I don't know, but i do believe with all my heart if i could focus on their little faces, look at that mountain of laundry, open the closet with stuff falling out of it and view all these things as blessings and not chores then i will be/feel blessed and not so much like a robot going throughout my day and never succeeding at anything.  In Him i can do all things because He gives me strength! May ya'll(That means 'you all' for those of you who aren't from the South=) know your power over your "jurisdictions" given today and be able to view them as a blessing! May you walk in your blessings with power and authority given and be able to enjoy it in Him. XOXO

(4 of my most precious blessed jurisdictions=)


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