Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ok, it has been forever since I have been on here. I am one busy lady. Elijah is everywhere! He is just the cutest little thing and I love him so much. He is loved VERY much, maybe too much by his sisters.  It amazes me how different boys are from girls. He loves playing with cars, balls, banging his head on things and eating dirt. He’s very very spoiled and I can’t seem to help it.=)

The girls are stupendous. They are getting so big and are such little blessing carriers. I love the little moments when I can see fruit to the shepherding we have done in them, yet there is so much to do=). Such a great responsibility it is to be a parent. I’m learning to lay down every worldy desire and view and truly go after the heart of my children. I want what God wants for them and don’t want to add any earthly desire or secular view to that. I truly believe that if the only thing I ever produce in them is hearts that are passionately going after the Lord than I will in fact have succeeded, that I in truth have fulfilled my calling as a parent. I’m still growing and learning in this and know that it is such a work in progress in my heart as well. But with much prayer and patience from our Savior we press on looking for our Savior and the prize of His high calling. Amen.

Ryan is just as handsome as ever. Our love for each other has grown and been thru so many stages that it is impossible to see where we are without truly knowing our Savior’s grace is what has gotten us here. It will be our 5 year anniversary coming in June and we are just thrilled and shocked at how fast it seems to have passed. He is my love and I am his. (I felt bad for bragging on the kids and not including the hubs=) xoxox

Here is one little ol picture from Alaska..more to come
Here is a list of ‘first’ that’s been going on….

I got to mow our very own yard and oddly enough, i love it!

Elijah has gotten not 1 but 7 teeth

Eli has tentatively taken his firsts steps (he’s still not sure if he is in to this walking stuff))

WE LOVE LOVE LOVE having a yard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<--yes that many explanation points is necessary, thank you very much.

We went to Alaska and fell in love with it and our family from there.
(quick little bio. I am just so in love with our Savior and how His kingdom has been set up and reigns. It was so awesome meeting all this family that I haven’t ever met before but instantly feeling the bond that doesn’t come from blood or family trees  but comes from being Children of the Lord. This is even stronger than any bond that comes from our blood, for we are indeed bonded by Christ redeeming blood and this is the heritage that will never die.)

I flew for the first time! (Mind you, with a 3, 2 and 10 month old)

We got a kitty, his name is Lisa. (Emma named him)

Ryan started his own business to give him the freedom to follow the Lord’s call and have freedom to  be more involved in ministry.

Took Emma and Abigail to the dentist. No cavities!!! This was a big relief since Emma has been able to master the fridge since she was 1 and we have found evidence many times of middle of the night snacks=/

I now have a four year old!!! Yikes!!

I’m sure there are lots more but that is all that I can think of at the moment. So there it is. I will see if I can scrounge up some picks to upload. We have some amazing pictures from Alaska! All creation speaks of God’s glory but Alaska screams it!

 The Lord has been teaching and growing his kingdom in our hearts of late. When we left for Alaska it was still winter here but when we returned new life was growing everywhere. I feel like this is the season we are in spiritually as well. That this is the season for new life and any old or dead branches that are not life giving must be cut off or pruned. Don’t we want this though?!  We want to be life giving and for that spring to never go dry. I want to die to myself, I don’t want to be content just getting by or to have roots of any darkness to be hidden in my life. I want to be fully surrendered to my King, to lay down this life and all the riches and value and American dreams and give myself to Him. After all, all this stuff will burn someday. That nice car, picket fence, career and status quo will not appeal to the King if it is not His will. I want to have eyes only for Him and I suck at this a lot but am learning to have faith for the day. To be obedient to as much is given.  I want to have His light shine in any darkness in my heart. I cry thy kingdom COME, THY WILL BE DONE!

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